There is a strong regional industrial base for a multitude of branches, highlighting the importance in its horizontal set-up, by not being influenced by a certain branch affiliation or niche.

Take into account, simple, low grade solutions which may become the future orientated base for many challenging projects.

We’ve been involved in plenty of local success stories and will supply on demand also testimonials. Briefly describe your interest in the region and you’ll hear from us.

We aim for long term collaborations where you should really enjoy our unique service capabilities and value added proposals. If not, which might be also a topic, we’ll honestly tell you just the existing possibilities. You choose!

What we do

We are active entrepreneurs, networking ethusiasts, focusing on win-win situations by highlighting real local existing capabilities.


Choose your area of interest or check our pool of projects.

If it’s not in the menu, just ask, we’ll always have some approach.

A project looking for partners or just financing or some engineering and design, an innovation ready to change the world or maybe just a very simple idea willing to find its environment, we’ll quickly sign a NDA and gather the team for consultation.

Is your demand, operational or strategic, is it a development, improvement or ratio-project, all requests will be treated Project Plan Based, this means, I’ll get a number and has to answer question related to: Scope, cost, risk, time, integration and team or needed human capital.

 The sky is the limit, off course before getting back to earth will figure out, based on your description if the region is fit for your request, idea, products or whatever it is.

Surprise us!

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